Companies that set up a business in French Ardennes, in B.E.R. area, until December 31th 2024, can benefit from highly and unique in France tax incentive

5 years of exemption from tax and social security contributions

For further information: download the practical guide

The B.E.R. area

In French Ardennes, the B.E.R. area includes 351 municipalities in the Meuse Valley, most of the department

Eligible activities
  • Industrial, trade or craft activities,
  • Non-commercial activities but subject to Corporate Tax.

Imperative condition: material implantation of the means of exploitation in the B.E.R.

Evaluate your exemptions

You can freely estimate in few minutes your project’s potential exemptions

B.E.R. simulator

More than 1,000 companies have already optimized their investments thanks to B.E.R.​

AFS Sedan, Worldwide leader of rolling mill cyclinder
Throughout the recovery of this Akers group former site, managers were able to use the B.E.R. process to save the company and its know-how.



Exploseo, SEO specialist​
took benefit of B.E.R. when relocating the company in the Ardennes. The company is specialised in helping its customers gain new clients, by optimising their website. Its operates from the Ardennes to any place in Europ. 

Documents to download

Tax incentive in French Ardennes: the B.E.R. package
Tax incentive in French Ardennes: the B.E.R. package
Tax incentive in French Ardennes: the B.E.R. package
B.E.R. package: practical guide
B.E.R. package: practical guide
B.E.R. package: practical guide