Set up in 2014 by major local economic players, Ardennes Développement role is to support French Ardennes economy by offering "a single and consolidated public solution for local companies needs"

Main missions

Support for industry and services companies
Using French Ardennes and Region resources to address companies actual needs (industry and services)
Prospection and companies set up
Soliciting potential investors and facilitating their installation in French Ardennes
Communication and animation
Sharing information and business networking for economic actors and companies
Economic prospective
Evaluating business trends to anticipate needs of local actors and companies

Online tools Ardennes logo
Setting up
Find real estate or land online fitting your activity and business needs
BER Ardennes logo
Find out about B.E.R., "Bassin d'Emploi à Redynamiser" (tax and social advantages for up to 5 years) and evaluate potential exonerations for your project
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Keep up with the latest economic news in French Ardennes on our weekly blog: local companies, events, etc.