Rich in natural resources, French Ardennes department is conducive to a diversified and quality agriculture. Major names in agribusiness are present.

A dynamic sector, the agriculture of French Ardennes is now moving towards the bioeconomy, in connection with the competitiveness cluster.

Key figures in the agriculture and agri-food industry

  • 3 810 sites
  • 9 804 jobs
  • 1 510 billion EUR revenue


Get into French Ardennes

3,000 farms with 2/3 for livestock and 30% for field crops. High export share for production of:

  • Meat: 18,000 tons of beef produced per year from 2 slaughterhouses
  • Milk: 268 million litres produced per year. Quality resources stable all year

Field crops:

  • 130,000 hectares of permanent grassland valued for quality livestock farming
  • 7,800 hectares of alfalfa
  • 112,000 hectares of grain
  • 24,000 hectares of oilseed
  • 10,000 hectares of beetroot

Emergence of organic farming: around 180 certified exploitations, doubling in number since 2010.

French Ardennes supplies numerous players in agribusiness industry, such as for example sugar producer Cristal Union.

2 PGI (Protected Geographical Indication):

  • Boudin Blanc de Rethel
  • Jambon sec et Noix de jambon sec des Ardennes


Existing sites

  • Mondelez France Biscuits Production: production of LULU biscuits, created in French Ardennes in 1963
  • Nestlé France SAS: production of powdered milf for Dolce Gusto capsules
  • Canelia (Lactalis): powdered milk manufacturer
  • Cristaline: spring water from ROXANE group
  • Luzeal: protein concentrate manufacturer
  • Presence of major grain industry players: Vivescia and CAJ


Innovative diversification

In association with:

  • IAR competitiveness cluster: world player research and innovation for industrial development of agricultural resources (from agri-food industry to agricultural resources via bio energy and molecules)
  • Terrasolis: innovation platform for agribusiness production


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